Compact Excavator

Why Choose AaLadin

AaLadin is commited to manufacturing the highest quality Pressure Washers.  Their entire line is manufactured according to strict quality control standards, using only the finest materials and components.

Solid Construction

AaLadin Pressure Washer frames are engineered for the maximum strength then fixture welded for the utmost 
frame integrity. 

Durable Powder Coated Finish

AaLadin uses a hybrid polyester powder paint finish that not only has 
exeptional luster, but is also much more durable and includes higher UV resistance than standard paints.

High Efficiency Heat Chamber Design

With the helical design and spacing of our coil wraps, AaLadin utilizes the most efficient use of heat to water - allowing for an extremely even and consistent flow of hot water.




With quality always the ultimate goal, AaLadin has grown in leaps and bounds. AaLadin continued its hard work and today consistently sets the performance and quality standards of the pressure washer industry. The fundamental goal of the founders has been achieved: "Change the image of the industry."

AaLadin may not be the biggest pressure washer manufacturer in the industry, but its reputation for quality and integrity make it the Best. These values will continue to move AaLadin forward, and this quest for "Total Quality" has resulted in AaLadin being the "Leader in the pressure washer industry."
The virtues of honesty, integrity, and pride, coupled with quality, performance, and a true love for this industry have kept "AaLadin - An American Dream" alive and thriving.



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